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The 15 Best Neighborhoods in Birmingham for Renters in 2022

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This storied city in central Alabama offers some of the cheapest rents in the U.S.

Located in north-central Alabama, Birmingham holds a special place in Southern history and culture. Early settlers named the city Birmingham for the city in England, on account of a shared specialization in cutting-edge industrialization. Birmingham was later dubbed “The Magic City" for having all the necessary components to make steel — iron ore, limestone and coal — present in the surrounding landscapes. After making its name in steel manufacturing and railroading, the city became the center for the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s.


But its history is just one of the reasons Birmingham is a great city to live in. The city is now a center for business, banking, higher education and healthcare. Birmingham has a vibrant cultural scene spanning art, music, cuisine and architecture. But, best of all is that Birmingham is one of the cheapest cities for renters in the U.S. With an average one-bedroom median rent of $1,203, Birmingham ranks 12th on the top 50 cities with the cheapest rent in America. If you're looking for a sweet rental deal in one of the South's top cities, these are the best neighborhoods in Birmingham for renters in 2022.


The best neighborhoods in Birmingham in 2022

While it's not Alabama's capital, Birmingham has Alabama's largest metropolitan area with a population of 209,403. This spread-out urban and suburban environment offers a variety of neighborhoods for prospective renters to choose from. Considering factors like average rent and local attractions, these are the best neighborhoods in Birmingham.

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